Our Mission.

“You are the Gutenberg of the radio”


is what we’ve been told and that pretty much says it all…

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We believe that, despite its huge variety and relevance, today’s radio-industry faces an unfair disadvantageRadio content is non-existent in text, the web’s native format. Thereby making it unavailable to find trough search engines and thus forever lost once broadcasted.

coconstruction We at Aird strive to provide modern tools to radio-industry stakeholders – listeners, radio hosts, advertisers – in order to form a co-construction ecosystem enabling them to give audio content an existence on the web.

The uniqueness of our solution comes from:

Universality: Works with any radio. Whatever the broadcasting method. We also support multi-platform sharing.


Customer-centric: we provide exciting tools with a stand-alone value to each stakeholder. 


Technological excellence: We went the extra step and used the best technologies in order to make your life easier.

Our mission is to develop amazing tools so that the world may read what speaks to you.

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