How it works?


How It Works.


Can I listen to the radio with Aird?

Aird is not a radio player. There are plenty of other apps out there who do that just fine. 

Aird has been designed to accompany you while you are listening to the radio just the way you’re used to, with a special focus to car listening, and help you remember and share what you’ve heard on the radio. 


How can I bookmark something I hear?

It’s very easy! When you start your app, the app will recognize which radio you’re listening to. If it fails, you can always do it manually.

Then just hit the bookmark small bookmark button button. 

Aird will create a 30s mini-podcast which begins 20s before you hit on the button and ends 10s after. 


How can I find my Bookmarks?

In the top menu you’ll find a search bar in which you can enter keywords of the post you wish to find.

You can also filter your feed, and combine items: mini starred posts, posts that contain a picture, posts that contain an events or a song information post.  

Can I share my bookmarks?

Yes, you can share your bookmark! To do so simply hit the share button which you’ll find after selecting the bookmark or any other item you wish to share. Just note that for some radio stations you can’t share the mini-podcast, i.e. the audio version of your bookmark. However, you can always share the transcription, i.e. the text version of your bookmark.


Aird is in beta version, what does it means?

This is currently the first release of the app.
We implemented all the essential features for this app to deliver its main value: help you remember and share what you heard on the radio.
We are aware that we can improve it in many ways, so please, don’t be pissed off, give us feedback 😉
We believe that the best way to deliver a fantastic app,  is to first deliver a good but not perfect basis, and to iterate, improving thanks to your feedbacks.
You’ll then be happy to see, at each new release, the improvements and new features you suggested us.

What is the difference between My Feed and the Radio Feed ?

When you click on the logo of the Radio, you come the Radio Feed.
This feed is the whole history of the radio that includes:

The Minipodcats and their tanscripiton you created (anonymly)
The Minipodcats and their tanscripiton other listeners created (anonymly)
The  posts radio hosts have written with extra content like

pictures, dates, links, ect …
As you’ll do in “My Feed”, you can search using keywords or combine the filters.

You want an post from the radio feed to appear in “my feed”: just star it!


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