About us


About us.

Our Philosophy :

We love modern company

We love Companies with a Soul

because a healthy and profound sense of purpose unleashes people’s energy

We love Collaborative & Agile Methods

because the ‘silo’ era… is over

We love Visual Thinking

because we need to see things clearly to take good decisions

We love high quality software with innovative technologies

because Mobile, Big Data and a faster time to market require it

We love to share

We invest some time to share “with the world” some of our findings.

Olivier for exemple presented an open source project we did for the Scala community at Devoxx (largest developer conference in Europe), Mélanie took some time also to share the return of experience of one of our very successful project at Agile tour, Arik is often asked to coach at Start-up weekends…


Besides, our door is always open to have a talk, discuss , share with anybody.

Our team


aka the boss, aka the dreamer


aka MissQuotes aka SuperScrum


aka wiki aka the Taste of perfection


aka the Swissknife

aka Jack Sparrow


aka beautifUIl62 aka the Artist


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