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For all you radio lovers!

Aird is the missing link between the radio, your notebook and social networks.

Create tiny audio extracts and receive posts from those intimate, funny, informative little moments that makes the radio a media we love.

 Saved forever, ready to share.


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The kind of posts


Follow a show

while listening to your favorite show at home or in your car, open Aird and see if the show is sending posts or if other Airder created mini-podcasts.

You heard something interesting, just bookmark it!



Mini Podcats
Mini Podcasts

Create “mini-podcast”, a 30s snippet of what you’ve heard – it starts 20s before you hit the bookmark button and ends 10s after. This way we’re sure to catch exactly what piqued your interest. 


Music information *

*only available for certain radios

Post Photo

Posts from radio hosts

Radios using our Radio Show Assistant, currently in alpha test, will posts messages for you to retrieve the essential info of their show. 

Automatically detects what radio station you’re listening to.

We’ve put in a bunch of magic. As soon as you enter your car and connect to your car’s bluetooth system Aird wakes up, detects the radio station and is all set to bookmark whatever piques your interest.

Listen to the radio just like you always do.

Keep on listening to your favorite station just like you’re used to using your current player at home, in the car or at work.

search and shareThe good quote at the right time

Easily navigate trough all your listening history.  You can fulltext search or filter your feed to find on the spot THE heard information you need, in seconds.

This way you’ll always have the right name, quote or figure to illustrate you talks. 

The Content is ready for your favorite social networks.

Share the information with your friends in case they missed out on an important information or just a good joke.

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